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Tim McCarthy won't seek re-election to city council


Tim McCarthy, who has represented Hyde Park, Roslindale and Mattapan on the city council since 2013, announced tonight he's decided not to run for re-election this fall.

McCarthy wrote on Facebook that watching his wife leave a teaching job for the private sector, one son leave college to join the army and another graduate Catholic Memorial and head off to college, all in one year, made him ponder his life and future:

Being a member of the Boston City Council has been an incredible adventure and it has been a pleasure to serve the people of Boston. I have been a part of history, and have worked with so many great people, organizations and community groups. I have overseen so many aspects of city government during my 26+ years, and believe I have made a positive impact on the neighborhoods and people that I have served. I have worked to secure millions of dollars for District 5 over 6 years and $38 million in capital funding this year alone. My team has endeavored with you, the community, to make District 5 a better place to live, work, and play. After a great deal of reflection and discussion with my family over Christmas break, I feel that it is time for me to make a change, and to move on to my next adventure, whatever that might be. Therefore, I will not be seeking reelection in 2019. It has been an honor to serve as your City Councilor. I will continue to serve throughout the remainder of my term this year. I will also be fully engaged in helping to select our next representative, to ensure the continuation of the great work my office has been part of since elected.

There are currently two announced candidates for his seat: Ricardo Arroyo of Hyde Park and Yves Mary Jean of Roslindale.



What patronage job is opening up that he's taking?

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I'm guessing that your comment was simply knee-jerk "all civil servants are corrupt" cynicism and not based on any actual knowledge. If you have some actual reason to say such a thing, do tell, otherwise can the tired old trope. My family and I have known Tim for 20+ years, when he was in Neighborhood Services, PWD and as a Councilor. Super hard working, shows up for every community meeting, nights, weekends, always there, returns calls, selfless and humble, totally focused on us, his constituents. I don't always agree with his positions on things but I know they come from his head and his heart and not given to him by "handlers" or pulled from fake news on the internet. He's a real public servant in the best sense of the term. Best of luck to him and his family.

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Low level elected officials, yes, they tend to leave for positions which pay better and allow them to increase their pension benefits. It's not corruption, it's the smart thing to do after putting your time as an elected official. I'm sure he is a good and decent guy but he'll easily replaced with someone as effective.

We'll see where he ends up. You think really he'll go to the private sector? I'd bet a dollar he doesn't. I wouldn't be surprised if he saw what happened to Capuano and then checked the demographics of his district and decided to plan for his future now rather than having to fight for re-election.

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The first person who held the job who isn’t stepping down to either take another political post or to run for another political post. And we are going back to 1983 here. I gotta tip my hat to him.

Can’t wait to find out who else is running.

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Two consecutive Term Limit can make Boston City Council more responsive and improve greater civic engagement. City Councilors get too ensconced.

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Not against term limits, but 2 terms would be only 4 years in office for a Boston city councillor. It can take a couple of years to really get fully proficient with most elected job, so an 8 year term limit sounds more reasonable to me.

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Thank you!

A reasoned argument for a 4 Consecutive Term Limit for Boston City Council.

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The Magoo thinks this is phishy. Very phishy indeed.

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Remember how he showed up to the Baker fundraiser at Fairmount Grille even though he wasn’t invited? Then elbowed his way in to make a speech as if he was the host of the event? Hmmmm no coincidence. Kind of like how he begged Scott Brown for a job back when he was Senator.

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But please continue.

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Hopefully the next councilor will be more supportive of transit-oriented development in Hyde Park. It's already happening in the Mattapan and Roslindale parts of the district but the NIMBYs are really fighting it in Hyde Park. McCarthy opposed the first affordable housing development in Hyde Park in ages and then the recent big Readville housing development next to the commuter rail station there. The district needs a councilor who will be willing to buck the NIMBY elements there, whoever that may be.

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