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Tom Brady says he tried trademarking 'Tom Terrific' because he hates being called that

Brady says he detests being called that so much he thought trademarking the monicker would let him go after anybody who dared calling him that, not because he thinks he's more terrific than Mets hero Tom Seaver, WBZ reports.

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Give the guy a break , he earns his dough on the field.

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.... how to annoy Tom Brady.

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Boy, he used to be a lot more endearing.

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Little boys, long, long before Brady breathed and when Seaver was in middle school, Tom Terrific was a regular cartoon on Captain Kangaroo. Those two puerile egotists should back off. They're derivative.

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In defense of the Mets pitcher, he neither came up with the name for himself nor attempted to trademark it - it's just what people back then called him, at least those of us who were Mets fans in that most amazin' of seasons.

OK, yeah, I was a Mets fan back then, so? It comes with the territory of being born in Brooklyn into a family of former Dodgers fans (and my father, the rebel, who liked the Giants) who no way in hell were ever going to root for the Yankees. Although my favorites were Jerry Koosman, Tommy Agee and Ed Kranepool.

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... is an Ed Kranepool glove.

But I sucked at baseball and my kids didn't play much...

Although my favorites were Jerry Koosman, Tommy Agee and Ed Kranepool.

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Is my Tommy Agee glove.

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Made two of the greatest clutch catches you will ever see in a World Series game to seal a game 3 victory against the Orioles in the 1969 October Classic. Big players come up big in big moments.

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Speaking of early Mets- I'm old enough that I got assigned a Hobie Landrith catchers mitt one year in early 80's Little League

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If he applies for the trademark now, this statement will cause it to be denied. You have to actively use the mark in your own business.

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All he got to do is print out a few T shirts with 12 and Tom Terrific and he is in the groove.

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