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Tree splits, falls along the Arborway

Broken tree on the Arborway

Susan Stange reports on the tree damage this morning on the Arborway:

Huge branch the size of a mature oak itself broke off on The Arborway, forcing traffic into breakdown lane to pass. Sidewalk impassible at 495-493 Arborway in Jamaica Plain.

She adds:

I am afraid the whole oak will die now. I have loved this tree faithfully for over 25 years.

At its fullest bloom, the leaves and some branches actually touched my windows. The birds that love that tree have long been the topic of fantasy of my cats as they sit on the windowsill and dream of hunting.



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So sorry to hear this. Those branches don't look as large when they're 20 feet above the ground. But when they fall, you see the magnitude, and it takes your breath away.

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