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Two brothers charged with trying to knife their way onto a T bus in Watertown that wasn't going anywhere

Corey Martell

Transit Police report arresting two brothers on charges they threatened the driver of an MBTA bus with a knife last night after he wouldn't let them on board at the Watertown yard because his bus was out of service.

Corey Martell (pictured), 31, and Connor Martell, 24, both of Waltham, became enraged even after the driver explained why he couldn't let them on, and tried to break and force the door open, police say.

The second male produced a knife went up to the operator's window and threatened to cause physical harm to the operator if he did not let them board.

They were charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, police say.

This is not Corey Martell's first alleged scrape with people in uniform. On July 3, he was Martell was charged with assault and battery on a police officer and assault and battery for an incident at Cambridge Hospital in which he allegedly got into a fight with a hospital security guard and then elbowed a cop,

Innocent, etc.

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For holding these two nitwits till the Transit Police arrived on the scene. Driving a bus for the T is a thankless dangerous job.

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Driving a bus for the T is a thankless dangerous job.

I disagree; I've thanked many bus drivers while I was getting off the bus. So it wasn't "thankless."

Also, a few of the buses I've been on had drivers who were themselves quite dangerous -- to other drivers, to pedestrians, even (on one occasion) abusive to their own (young female) passengers. (Reporting them to the MBTA, I discovered, is a waste of time.) In other words, it cuts both ways; there are a**holes in every profession.

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too bright.

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The Movember stache looks good though!

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...they want their train robber back.

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Could they publish the brand of hat he was wearing so none of us make that mistake again?!

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Jeff Foxworthy, NO!!!! How Could you!?!?

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