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A vanishing breed: Yet another East Boston garage slated to be replaced by residential building

A developer is signalling its intent to replace "a series of non-descript automobile repair structures," a parking lot and a small house on Bremen Street, between Brooks and Putnam streets in East Boston, with a six-story, 165-unit residential building.

In a letter of intent filed with the BPDA this week, Transom Real Estate, based in the South End, says it hopes to combine nine separate lots on that stretch for its "vibrant mixed-use development," which would include retail space on the first floor.

The letter does not specify how many parking spaces a proposed underground garage would have, but says that by combining all the lots, the project would reduce the current number of curb cuts and allow for 135 feet of new on-street parking.

Over the past couple of years, developers have been gobbling up East Boston's auto-body and repair garages at a fast rate to tear them down and put up residential buildings.

282-302 Bremen St. letter of intent (266k PDF).
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What garages aren't 'non-descript'? Is there a Frank Lloyd Wright designed muffler shop somewhere?

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Like the place on 1A that puts out junkers painted up for big championships?

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165 units looks to be excessive for area.
Just adding much more vehicular traffic into this already densely populated neighborhood. Its what residents don’t really need, especially what is occurring now each morning with the backed up traffic on surface streets leading to Tunnel which one of them streets is Bremen Street .

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It's across a narrow park from the T. It is literally the closest possible place for housing to be in regards to Airport Station. Where do we have density if not directly adjacent to existing transit stops on the line with the most space on it?

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Think about it , 165 condos under one roof
That’s more people under one roof than people living on 2 blocks of triple decker homes on Bremen street alone.
And if a visitor that’s associated with a condo owner that would want to visit , where are they supposed to park their car , on Bremen street of coarse.

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If the visitor has to drive for whatever reason (rather than train, walk, bike, fly, taxi, or canoe there - this has got to be the most multimodal parcel in the entire city), they can use some of the new 135 feet of on-street parking this development would open up.

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That's what happens when supply and demand get out of whack.

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According to the anti-growth crowd, adding units in a neighborhood with a very low vacancy rate "pushes people out."

In other words, 2+1 = 1.

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Medford's Main Street is a parking lot between 7-9am and 4-6pm every day until March 2020.

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