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Waiting for the trolley in old Boston

Trolley station in old Boston

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this scene. See it larger.



I am going to agree with the sign above the guy on the right and say Washington St Dorchester.


Fields Corner?
Or possibly Andrew Station?


The station was where the bus yard is now - here's a picture of the curve from an incoming northbound train at Sullivan:

Looks like The old Ashmont or Fields Corner


Just a guess.


Very much like how Andrew Square looks.

Minus the bird poop of course? It was like a layer of crap before the remodel!

during his ... well, you know.


Look how clean the floors are! And how civilized the riders look! No socially unacceptable behavior going on in this photo.

I personally find the fellow with his arms crossed in front of his waist to be highly suspect.


Building is still there, just sealed off from public

but the in and out arches are much further apart in this picture than on Newbury St.

I am going to guess 10:37 am.



I’ve only been there a couple of times and it was decades ago, but I recall it looking like that. Thinking of the connecting point to Mattapan High Speed trolley (which I love-hope it stays in service). I must ride on it again sometime before it disappears.

- Amazingly, you can still reach the same destinations by bus in 2019!

- The opening of this station in 1918 resulted in the long-term abandonment of the middle level of Broadway Station after October 1919.

- Most, but not all, of the streetcar lines the folks in the photograph are waiting upon were operated with trackless trolleys during the 1948-1962 period.

- One of the several current MBTA bus routes which operate before 5:00AM passes through this station at 4:02AM and 4:32AM, daily.

- All MBTA buses which currently pass through this station now do so in the OPPOSITE direction of traffic, as shown above.

- This station was extensively modernized during the 1990-1994 time period.

- Today there is a well-executed carving of a Type Four streetcar near the primary station entrance.

Those were some great hints!

Thanks for playing, folks! Those of you who guessed Andrew Station are correct. The photo was taken in May of 1924