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Washington Post calls up another reporter from its Boston farm team

The Washington Post announced today it's hired Globe Spotlight Team reporter Nicole Dungca for its own Investigative Unit.

Dungca becomes the latest Globie to join a southward migration to DC. Just in the past three years, the Post has hired away (in no particular order): Matt Viser, Janice Page, Annie Linskey, Christpher Rowland, Jenn Abelson, Martine Powers, Stephen Smith, Sebastian Smee and Maria Saccheti.

They all ultimately report to Marty Baron, who, of course, used to lead the Globe newsroom (from which the Post had earlier hired still more writers, including Geoff Edgers, Tracy Jan and David Filipov).



a) the read more links to some 2017 story about the WaPo writing about the Southie parade.

b) Nicole and Martine to the WaPo, and Eric Moskowitz to the NYT … the last three transportation reporters have certainly climbed up in the world!


Martine had a short stopover at Politico too.

Is it the same Washington Post that calls ISIS terrorist leader 'austere religious scholar?


Why don't you ask a grown-up to read it to you?


It's also the same WP that has 14,000+ documented lies by Trump. And he's been on a year lately, like a batter on a hitting streak hitting .600.


The inevitable response: "Oh, I'm not a Republican, and I don't support Trump. I just think that Democrats are un-American traitors and the Washington Post is the Enemy of the People."


Are you the same Merkin who pretends to be a nonpartisan independent thinker and not a crazed right-wing dog-whistling waste of space?


Already clinging to the life-support named President Donald J. Trump, what's the game plan for left-wing outlets like the Washington Post and the Boston Globe (if it lasts) when President Trump is term limited and leaves in early 2025? Much like climate, the presidency is cyclical so there's a decent chance a Democrat will get in and these newspapers will be preaching to a disinterested choir. I don't blame those who leave the Globe for a place with a slightly better prognosis. Billionaires John Henry and Jeff Bezos can't save all the puppies in the pound or all the newspapers on artificial respiration.

Stop me if I'm going too fast for you.



How's *your* newspaper doing these days?


the most recent "Wingo" jackpot was $4.35

I read the Globe just about every day. The least interesting pieces tend to be the ones from Washington, since that information is usually about 18 hours old already and has been posted, reviewed, digested and we've all moved on. As much as I dislike Trumps attacks on America, I'm no more likely to read the Globe whether he is in office or it's someone else.

left-wing outlets like the Washington Post

WaPo is a centrist publication that's regarded with disdain by most of the left, but go off.

the Globe is around in 2025. I won’t even charge you interest there, Nostradamus.

I think the most troubling thing- for newspapers and readers like myself- is the number of establishments that have stopped carrying newspapers altogether in recent times- the 4 closest stores to my place in Somerville have all stopped in the past year- the owner of one told me selling them wasn't worth what the distributor (presumably the Globe) was asking- I'm basically a store or 2 away from not being within a reasonable walk to get a newspaper