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Watch that Red Line train derail

The MBTA has released video of the June 11 Red Line derailment at JFK/UMass. WBUR has a copy.

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A literal train wreck!

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Just another day on the T

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Did he not feel something wrong when we could see sparks and the last car bouncing around?

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I have never stuck my head out a car window to look backwards while driving.

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The T had these videos the day of the accident and refused to release them. Why does it always take a month whenever a horrendous crime or accident occurs for them to release the videos?

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During the reconstruction of the switch and signal interchange a couple of years back in that area, that very stretch of track was under a severe speed restriction forcing trains to go very slow through there because of "track issues." Allegedly repairs were made and trains are supposed to be able to go through there at the posted speed.

The first set of dramatic sparks in the video is when the car went off the track. It was then dragged toward the station. Then it hit the switch where the shop tracks are (the switch where trains can be sent or received from the Cabot Repair facility), and that popped it well off the track and into the signal shacks.

This investigation should be going back to see what that problem was, and determine if it had anything to do with this more-recent issue, and whether that could happen again.

Don't expect speed restrictions to be lifted anytime soon, even after they declare repairs have been completed.

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