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Watertown vigil for Hiroshima and Nagasaki extended to include El Paso and Dayton

Laterns lit in Watertown in memory of victims of nuclear bombs.

Memorial lanterns on the Charles River in Watertown.

Greg Cook reports that people who gathered in Watertown Square last night for a vigil to remember those who died in atomic blasts also took time to recall the victims of mass murders this weekend.




But the math doesn't quite work.

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6 people die weekly in Baltimore -- Baltimore just had its 200th murder of the year -- you do the math
from a Washington Post story:

Baltimore reaches 200th homicide after woman found fatally shot in car
By Martin Weil August 4 at 10:30 PM
A shooting in Baltimore on Saturday was listed as the city’s 200th homicide and came during a “Ceasefire Weekend.”

Baltimore police said a woman, 32, was found in a car on a street in West Baltimore after a shooting was reported there.

Four Ceasefire Weekends are designated each year by Baltimore Ceasefire, a grass-roots organization that uses the slogan “Nobody Kill Anybody.”

With Saturday’s death recorded as the 200th homicide this year, Baltimore is on pace to exceed last year’s total of 309.

Meanwhile in Chicago more than 50 people were shot last weekend, although either through bad marksmanship, luck, and medical skill only 7 were fatalities

the excerpts below are from a NYT story:

Chicago Has Its Worst Weekend of Gun Violence in 2019 as 7 Are Killed

By Julie Bosman
Aug. 5, 2019

CHICAGO — While much of the nation’s attention was focused on the gun massacres in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio, last weekend, Chicago was convulsed by its own burst of violence — the worst weekend the city has seen so far in 2019.

It was an extreme example of the routine but devastating gun violence, often related to gang conflicts, that cities like Chicago, Baltimore and St. Louis experience on a regular basis. The police said seven people were killed and 52 wounded by gunfire throughout Chicago from Friday evening to Sunday, including a 5-year-old boy who was shot in the leg while sitting in a car.

Early Sunday, 17 people were shot in a period of two hours in a small pocket on the city’s West Side, turning residential blocks into chaotic scenes of ambulances, grieving family members and cars pockmarked with bullets.

There were 32 separate shooting incidents throughout the weekend, the police said......

On Monday morning, Anthony Guglielmi, a spokesman for the Chicago Police Department, tweeted a nearly minute-long audio recording of rapid gunfire from a shooting on the West Side on Sunday.

“Below is the sound that Chicago needs to change its ways on how we handle gun offenders,” he wrote. “Audio from the tragic shooting at 18th & Kildare yesterday shows that criminals have no deterrent to carrying illegal guns in our city and this is what residents and police are up against.”

.......In one shooting last weekend, suspects fired into a large group of people who had gathered for a block party. “Three cars pulled up and they just started shooting everybody,” Keith Flowers, the father of one of the victims, told reporters. His son, Demetrius Flowers, 33, was shot in the chest and did not survive.

Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago was so overwhelmed that its emergency department temporarily stopped accepting patients with gunshot wounds in the early morning hours of Sunday.

Nearly a minute of sustained gunfire from one incident in Chicago

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