WBUR journalists move to unionize




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That will ensure nothing other than objective coverage of labor relations. It also totally won't introduce a lack of transparency in who and what influences the decisions of WBUR employees.

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And, to think,

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When this had no comments I almost thought to post "going to need Roman to tell me why this is bad."

Never one to disappoint.

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Just like all those

Just like how all those journalists who have bank accounts can't be trusted to report objectively on the financial industry.

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I mean in that vein

How can we trust a journalist that drives, like Jeff Jacoby, when they write about cycling?

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"How can we trust a

"How can we trust a journalist that drives, like Jeff Jacoby(?)."

I don't know, how does Jeff Jacoby drive?

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Labor Organizing Exhibition. Boston Public Library Collections.

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Shall Boston Public Library pull together an Exhibit or major Exhibition about history of Local Labor groups, Local Unions, Local Labor Relations, Local Collective Bargaining?... Particularly with emphasis on Local institutions' Labor Organizing, Graduate Students' Organizing, et al.

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Commercial radio!

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With the many many announcements and lengthy fund raisers it's commercial radio!

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