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What did we say about not climbing trees?

Guy climbing a really tiny tree along the waterfront

Dave Shea captured this Darwin Award contestant outside Liberty Wharf on Northern Avenue after the Patriots parade.



That's impressive!

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Sigh... what a moron. Hope the tree is fine.

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A number of people bouncing between School Street and the gate of the King's Chapel Burying Ground (which was thankfully cordoned off to foot traffic by police) kept hopping the cast iron fence in and out of the flower bed instead of going down to the plaza opening. One of them managed to break the iron on one of the inserts. Had to put in a BOS311 so someone can come by and fix the fence.

Quite a few people climbed up on the salt truck parked in the road too and the driver had to keep telling people to get off.

I'm not sure why people feel so entitled to do stupid shit.

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UK, South America. All the complaints about this Super Bowl parade are very tame by comparison.America is quite civil by comparison.

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For that reason, I've been kind of glad that soccer hasn't taken off in a huge way. We don't need more people to give themselves permission to act like animals.

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no view of the parade.

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This is at least a mile off the parade route

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