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When it comes to the Marathon these days, you have to prepare for the worst, too

Decontamination tent at Brigham and Women's Hospital

A roving UHub photographer spotted staffers at Brigham and Women's Hospital this morning testing a chemical decontamination tent in preparation for Monday's race.




However the marked increase in hyper macho attitude from those among us who still wear "Watertown Strong" t shirts and scan their CBs for local MS13 chatter is palpable at any metro boston Dunkies.

I had no idea THAT many people could say "kid, I was RIGHT THERE when it happened" or who happened to know "very personally" the slain MIT officer.

Since 9/11 the terrorists have been winning.

We've become a demented nation of paranoid overweight cosplay supersoldiers.

I'm going back to bed, man.

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They run these exercises regularly even before 2013 so I don't think it's fair to tie this to the race on Monday. The timing is coincidental.

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Correct, DPH/EMS conducts regular chemical decontamination drills (source: I'm on a list of people who volunteer to go in there). Usually once a quarter or so, in different parts of the city.

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As to the first poster on this article … oy.

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Even before 2013, safety and emergency response officials staged their operations as if responding to a large scale urban-centered emergency event. It’s a drill that provides crucial experience with a great number of people in a near simultaneous medical crisis (many runners are in rough shape, with weather conditions providing variations on that theme) converging in a congested central location with no immediate access to a hospital. Some attribute this annual drill & it’s resulting preparedness to keeping loss of life as low as it was back in '13. Even still, I’m guessing that the hazmat decon areas are a feature added in response to the 2001 anthrax attacks.

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