In Wolcott Square, it's lights, camera, action, only without some of the lights

Wolcott Square missing some traffic lights

That woman on the right with the dog who seems to be waving? What she was actually doing this afternoon, roving UHub reporter Jesse de Mello explains, was trying to do a bit of traffic directing as she stood next to the wires that are all that's left of one of Wolcott Square's antiquated traffic lights - which disappeared, once again.



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That woman on the right with

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That woman on the right with the dog who seems to be waving? ...

should be:

That woman on the right who seems to be waving with the dog?

or would that mean she is waving the dog ?

It's a case

of the tail waving the dog.

What I find puzzling is how you determined the woman's politics.


Wolcott Square was never the

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Wolcott Square was never the same after S & S moved out, is that the old coffee shop closed as well in picture?

Now there's a philosophical

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Now there's a philosophical question: if a green light doesn't exist, do you have to stop for it?

bostnkid's great aunts

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my three old maid aunts ran a diner in wolcott square during the forties and fifties. they used to tell me stories about the men eating steaks for breakfast. they would wash down the steaks with a beer with a raw egg in it.

My assumption

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Someone didn't do well on the slight turn and hit the light.

In classic Boston style, for most, going outbound you would take a slight left at that intersection, but in reality Hyde Park Ave continues to the right. Perhaps the driver knew that and, on the paradox of going straight by going left and continuing on the road by going right they split the difference.


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They named a fairly nondescript intersection?

Welcome to Boston

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Everything's a Square around here - especially if it has more than just two intersecting roads.


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Saw this lady last night! I was like, wait--is she directing traffic?! What a nice woman! As I almost broke my neck trying to bend to see the only light I could to watch it change to green.

Maybe its time to hang those light overhead, so people can stop using them as bumpers to stop? They are always missing along with their cousins up the road at Truman and Neponset.