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Woman whose disappearance sparked frantic search by parents and friends spent night asleep in a women's room stall in a downtown bar

UPDATE: Board rules no violation, but orders bar to file written plan to ensure something like this doesn't happen again.

A worker at the White Bull Tavern on Union Street today apologized to his boss and the Boston Licensing Board for an April incident in which he was only trying to do a woman a favor.

The South Boston woman showed up at the door not long before closing on a slow night on April 13, but the worker, manning the door, said he took pity on her when she said she was supposed to meet some friends there and he agreed to let her wait inside to get out of the cold, wet night.

At a hearing this morning, he told the licensing board he was particularly mindful of trying to keep the woman safe, a couple months after two well publicized kidnappings outside Boston bars and clubs, one outside Hennessy's, just down the street from the White Bull, in which the woman wound up captive in a Charlestown apartment, the other of which ended with the woman dead.

Once inside, though, the woman, whom he said did not appear at all intoxicated, headed straight to the women's room - where she entered a stall and fell asleep. And then she stayed there, still asleep, until 5:30 a.m. when a security guard making a routine inspection of the bar, found her, he and a police detective said. The friends whom she said would be meeting her there never showed.

The worker said that it was his job to check the restrooms as part of closing down the bar for the night and that he simply failed to that night.

Meanwhile, the woman's family and friends, who had eaten with her earlier in the evening at a South Boston restaurant, were growing increasingly frantic. A police detective told the board that the woman had called one of them around 12:15 am., saying she was in an Uber downtown, and feeling very sleepy - he said they were puzzled why the South Boston woman, after eating with them in South Boston, would be downtown.

"We can only apologize," bar attorney Dennis Quilty said. "She was safe, nothing happened to her."

The board decides Thursday whether the bar merits any punishment for the incident.



She's the one who deserves to be punished. No drinking for 2 weeks.

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She used to live with her parents and seemed to give them a scare anytime she left the house. It was always the same thing: This particular girl would go out with some friends or family to a purposefully low key dinner or get together, make some weird comments and express dissatisfaction with the scene, ask if there were any “hip hop clubs” in the area, and inevitably disappear from the group. The girl was barely lucid during normal conversation so drugs or alcohol made her so much worse. As little as two drinks would give her an out-of-body experience. Oddly, she could maintain balance and perform complicated dance moves and hand stands in this state. Some strange guys would stumble upon her wandering around by herself after getting kicked out of various clubs/bars and would try to put the moves on her but she usually just weirded them out and they would move on.

Whenever this happened, she would lose her phone and purse. The nights would end with her parents driving around Boston pulling up to passerby asking if there were any “hip hop clubs in the area.” Amazing that she was never kidnapped.

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"Hop hop clubs"?? Not once but twice you referenced "hip hop clubs" Kapil. Glad to know closeted racists like you exist. Nowhere in the story is there reference made to such a venue. You are a Grade A prime POS!!! Why no mention of Country Music, Jazz, Rock and Roll, Grunge by you?? Wait, save your finger-thuggery. B.A.N.!!! Your father should've shot you onto your mother's pillow. Carry on.

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Didn't they find a guy that was deceased in the men's room? Union Street, enter at your own risk...

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When I go into the rest rooms at South Station there is usually one stall open for doing my business the rest of the stalls are used as sleeping stalls by the homeless.

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? um.

does she have a budding opiate problem? in any case, she probably ought to question what this is really about.

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