Yaz says farewell to the old Boston Arts Academy

Carl Yastrzemski statue and old Boston Art Academy

Roving UHub photographer MH spotted Carl Yastrzemski outside Fenway Park doffing his hat today at the former Boston Arts Academy, being torn down to make way for an all new Boston Arts Academy.


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Boston State

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I went there in the 1970s when it was Boston State College.

BLA Class of 1990

I was there as a sixie in 1984 and graduated in 1990. No gym, things were peeling off, we had fumes from Town Taxi, and teachers with third-floor classes pulled the shades down when the Sox were playing during sixth and seventh periods.


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can only hope the new building has a parking garage.

i am surprised that the Red

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i am surprised that the Red Sox didnt buy that property , dont think it always belonged to the city. Cant remember what it was before it was part of Boston State College, but it wasnt bulit for them I think.

“Postal Warehouse”

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Having worked in that building for the past 13 years, I’ve heard that it had served some purpose with the USPS. I’ve also head “wool factory,” though nothing online corroborates that. I’m sure someone with better access to historical info can shed better light.

ipswich st bldg

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I believe it was a former IRS building. went to boston state college there 69-73.