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Y'know, Boston doesn't have nearly enough fast-food chains named after old cowboy actors

Roy Rogers stuff in Boston

Drew Starr reports finding a stack of food containers, a couple of biscuits and some sort of glop in a plastic container piled high at Massachusetts and Huntington avenues tonight.

The nearest Roy Rogers restaurants are in upstate New York, so, of course, the question becomes how they came to be stacked outside Symphony Hall. Given the care obviously given to the stacking, seems the odds are good somebody didn't just drop them after getting off a flight from Albany or Utica, like with that California burger that wound up in Queens



When there was a Roy Rogers in the Lexington service area on 128?


There was one at the SB Newton one as well

I remember the one on I-84 in Sturbridge - that was there in the late 80s. Can't remember how far into the 90s it lasted.


actually on old Route 15 off of I-84 at Exit 1, and not a service plaza on I-84 itself. The only service plaza on I-84 itself, which was southbound after Exit 1, was closed in the late 1960s.

at rte 2A was originally, and for many years, a Howard Johnson's. If I'm not mistaken, the cowboy kept the orange roof.

Howard Johnsons. They started changing to Roy Rogers and Burger King in the mid to late 1980s. In the cowboy and king era, the plazas on the Turnpike alternated - TriggerBurger then Whopper then TriggerBurger, etc.

Last I drove down Route 24, I recall those plazas were still BK, but all the ones on the Pike, as well as on I-95 in Newton and Lexington, are now the domain of The Evil Clown (McDonalds).

The only rest areas I'm aware of on Rte 24 are right at the I-495 interchange, on both sides, and have Burger King & Dunkin' Donuts. (And pinball machines.)

on Route 24 are at the I-495 interchange in Bridgewater/Raynham. Didn't mean to imply there are (or were) more.

Is cool. Mostly, I just wanted to affirm they still existed. (And note the Dunkin' aspect. Also the pinball. Because it's addictive.)

It was always a treat to go to the one in Agawam as a kid.


Neither are Popeyes (I remember when there was at least one of those on the turnpike).

on the Turnpike alternated between Popeyes and Sbarro, and between Roy Rogers and Burger King.

I did not know this existed until I went looking for it.

MassDOT: Service Plaza Locations

Most are McDonald's, but some are Burger King or Papa Gino / D'Angelo. McDonald's often shares a plaza with other fast food places.

there are not enough of them!!!!!!

does anyone know the answer to the mystery of these future keys found on reddit:

Likely a hungry worker left it from a touring act that was playing in the tristate area and now is in Boston.

The old Three Aces Pizza on Mass Avenue in Cambridge was a Roy Rogers in the 1970's and the pizza place simply took over and never renovated it.


and the Central Barber Shop has moved into the tiny building on the left (Fancy Fingers in your photo)

I do love how there's a big fancy building there now, with the wee barber shop resolutely remaining on the side. I feel like there's a good story there...

Double R Bar Burgers with Horsey Sauce were the best!

We just don't understand what the artist is saying, or something.

They used to be in a lot of the rest stops in CT - maybe there's still some there? It was only a few years ago in my peak Fung Wah riding years. The only thing halfway edible on their menu was the ice cream.

Looks like on the NY Thruway & NJ Turnpike are the closest, no longer in Connecticut...

The first time I ever had curly fries was at Roy Rogers on the pike. I'm sure my conservative grandfather thought they were just a gimmick but even I couldn't have predicted what an impact they would have on the fried food world.

Those biscuits look great. So hard to find big, fluffy biscuits in Boston that are under $2.00

The biscuits I had yesterday as part of a two-piece meal combo at Popeyes in Roslindale ...

Rosi Popeyes is definitely my local go-to for decent quality fast-food fried chicken (and the staff there are good people). Their biscuits are pretty good, but I don't think their size compares to those pictured above (of course - I have no idea how RR's taste, which of course is what matters).

The one on I-84 near Sturbridge closed within the last 5 or 10 years. Closer to 5, I think, although I could be wrong. I think the name on the exit sign is Southbridge. What's curious is that there used to be a lot of food at that exit -- the Roy Rogers doubled as an Sbarro, and there was something called "Sturbridge Isle" on the other side of the highway in the early 90s -- and there's nothing but gas stations now.

I recently had the, um, opportunity to eat at a Roy Rogers on the NJ Turnpike. I had forgotten that they serve their own version of the North Shore Roast Beef sandwich but I grabbed a cheeseburger anyway.

Southbridge Sturbridge".

Location was originally a Howard Johnsons, then changed to Roy Rogers in the early 1980s. Last time I went through there in 2017, I noted it was now a Chinese restaurant, which seems to have been a common fate, at least around here, for ex non-service plaza HoJos.