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Your morning T report: T's no-smoking policy doesn't apply to trains; the trolley waits for no one, not even Mike Dukakis

Smoke in Kendall Square station

Ian Boyd reports Kendall station was a bit chokey shortly after 8 a.m.

NBC Boston reports the haze miasma'ed its way into Harvard and Central stations as well, but that the Cambridge Fire Department was unable to find the source and used fans to blow it away.

Meanwhile, down in Brookline, state Rep. Tommy Vitolo almost had a chance to greet his predecessor, former state Rep. and Gov. Mike Dukakis, but reports the trolley driver had other plans:

Former Gov Dukakis was running for a D-Line MBTA train at Longwood. Despite my pleas, driver pulled away 3 seconds too soon. Sorry Duke.




Looks like one of those 50 year old subway cars.
50 year old subway cars. (why people think this is no big deal, I have no idea)

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They should order some new ones.
(I'm not sure what good it is to keep on pointing out how old these cars are when the new fleet is on order, and at this point there is nothing else that can be done to speed up the order)

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Good point Governor

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So what else should/can they do to deal with a 50-year old fleet beyond replacing it?

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Does anyone know if the factory in Springfield is working on a 24 hour a day schedule? If not, there is in fact something that can be done to speed up delivery of the new cars.

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It would not just be the factory in Springfield, it would be the many factories of all the suppliers of components located all over the world. These suppilers are also building parts for other customers that also think their order is important. The motors, doors, HVAC, floooring, lights, axles, couplers, brakes, etc all come from different suppliers. Doesn't matter if Springfield ramps up their schedule if all the suppliers don't (and probably can't) increase their production.

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Around Kendall I had a thought, "Wow, this train is on fire", but we just kept going. I guess we took the fire with us, which was why the FD found nothing?

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They took everyone off the offending train at Kendall (though the internal speaker system wasn't working, at least in my car, so we had to figure that out on our own)

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I noticed a smokey smell when my subway train passed around 8:55am, so I think it just stuck around for a while.

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The one time I was on a train that actually stopped and opened the doors to admit another passenger it was the D line and for Mike Dukakis.

Remember when the Governor of this fair Commonwealth took and actually cared about public transportation?

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I am (once again) impressed by Michael Dukakis---he was running!?!
And yes, he did think that public transportation was a priority, and used it himself routinely. Saw him myself on the T any number of times.

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