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Zoning board gives new owners of proposed marijuana dispensary on Newbury Street another year to start work

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved a one-year extension for a company that wants to open a medical-marijuana dispensary at 331A-333 Newbury St., so that it can finalize a formal "host agreement" with the mayor's office and win state approval.

The board approved the proposed location in November, 2017. The company that won approval was then snapped up by a Chicago-based marijuana concern, Green Thumb Industries.

The board voted unanimously to approve the extension. Although the original proponent was represented by former City Councilor Mike Ross, who has carved out a niche as a pot attorney, Green Thumb was represented today by local zoning attorney Stephen Miller. In response to a question from Chairwoman Christine Araujo what happened to Ross, Miller said he is still working as a consultant on the project.



Meanwhile NETA, 200 yds from the Boston border, is just printing money in Brookline Village. What a huge boon - I will not be surprised if we find that the people behind NETA are heavily backing various politicians who are behind the slow roll out here. Imagine if there was one packie in town, how much of a gold mine that would be.



... how about “the wacky” (as in “wacky tabacky”)?


The Wacky T'backy Packy
it just rolls off the tongue.....

Is pot going upscale or Newbury st going downscale?

Newbury St. has been going downscale for years. Pot shops replacing bookshops. Chains replacing indie stores.

... which will soon seek permission to become a recreational marijuana retail shop.
Just what Boston needs, another stinking smoke shop and more obnoxious smokers.

Cry harder.