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20 affordable condos approved on Dudley Street in Roxbury

Proposed condos on Dudley Street

Architect's rendering.

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved a non-profit's plans for a four-story, 20-unit condo building at 75-81 Dudley St. at Guild Row in Nubian Square.

All of the units will be sold as affordable, according to the Madison Park Development Corp., which will build the units on what is now a vacant lot, as part of an overall Department of Neighborhood Development project to use vacant and parking lots in Nubian Square for house.

The building, near the Dudley Square bus stop, will have no parking.

The building will have ground-floor commercial space.

Six of the units will have one bedroom, eleven will have two bedrooms and three will have three bedrooms.

The BPDA approved the proposal last month.

75 Dudley St. small-project review application (10.2M PDF)>

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Very good news.

I love that they are doing ground level commercial and double love that there is no parking. Hopefully these will go to long term neighborhood residents.

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Worth noting for those who are interested in numbers; according to the BPDA charts, prices will be in a range of about $185k to $400k. On the low end a 1 BR at 80% AMI is $186k, on the high end, a 3 BR at 120% AMI is $398k.

Most units in this project will be in the low to high $200's -a 2 BR at 80% AMI is $222k and at 100 AMI it is $289k. Lots of people will likely sign up for these!


As copied and pasted from page-8 of the project's BPDA filling:

"Ten units at 75 Dudley Street will be affordable to households at 80% of median income or below, five will be affordable to household’s earning 100% of the area median income or below, and five units will be affordable to households at 120% of the area median income or
below. Additionally MPDC’s fully expects households earning at or below 60% of area median income to be able to purchase these homeownerships units with down payment assistance from the City of Boston through the Whittier Street CNI program, and other community programs."

Also worth noting on page-11: "No off-street parking is provided in the building plan. This is in part a cost saving measure as it is extremely difficult and costly to provide parking and multifamily housing on an 8,000 SF lot"

No "free" off-street-parking-required should be the rule and not the exception within 4 miles of downtown. It allows (among other things) for much more housing that's way more affordable. One shouldn't have to pay and beg the ZBA to obtain this kind of variance.

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This great. That's an appropriate price range for people in the community IMO.

And i'm glad purchase options are being offered to those at 60% AMi. They could get a 1br for as low as 124k or a 2BR for as low as 150k!

^Someone needs that and is deserving.

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Please no liquor store, hair salon, nail salon, or check cashing in the commercial space.

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The commercial space helps keep the rest of the development affordable. Beggars can't be choosers when it comes to who rents the commercial units.

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Please be specific.

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How to apply to buy?

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