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Across Boston, lights flicker twice

At 11:18 a.m., Derek Lumpkins reported his lights flickered twice in Roxbury. Nicole Levay reported same, in downtown Boston, at 11:15 and 11:16. Reports of double flickering also came in from Hyde Park, JP and Brookline.

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Trump's comrades testing the grid?

My lights (in Brighton) didn't flicker in any way that I noticed, but my Xfinity router spontaneously rebooted itself around 10:30am. With all this water and electricity falling out of the sky yesterday and today, I suppose these things can be expected.

Maybe I should join the cat under the bed after all...?


My lights in Eastie didn't flicker.

Same here on Drydock


I’m “downtown” over on Columbus Ave and no flickering yet

They are still flickering every once in awhile.

In Oak Sqare Brighton my UPS system recorded two spikes in electricity at that time.

In Waltham!

Two if by air ...

it was a big, big lightning bolt. My monitors blanked.

South End - I'd just gotten in the elevator when it stopped suddenly and took a moment to restart.

...the official start of Slow News Days, but apparently I was mistaken.

The cable modem reset but everything seems fine.

though not on my street.

Gaslight - helluva movie (both versions)