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And in the middle of all this, an anti-Semitic POS defaces a Jewish center in Brookline

Antisemitic suspect

Surveillance photos via Brookline PD.

Brookline Police report they are looking for a Russian-speaking choad who sprayed the Chabad Center, 496 Harvard St., with antisemitic graffiti - in Russian - and his failed attempted at a swastika around 1:40 a.m. on Sunday.

The Anti-Defamation League of New England is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to his arrest and prosecution.

Police say:

It is believed that the man approached the Center from the direction of Coolidge Corner and left towards Commonwealth Avenue. The Brookline Police Department is investigating this incident as a hate crime.

The ADL addsL

This antisemitic act represents a direct threat to the Jewish community and is a reminder that hate never rests, even in a pandemic.

If he looks familiar, contact Det. Brendan Kelliher at 617-730-2791 or [email protected] and reference case #2020-1523.

Last May, somebody tried torching Chabad rabbis' homes in Arlington and Needham.



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Like, really? You couldn't stop being a complete dickwad even now? Obviously he has been one forever. SMDH. What a sad world we're living in.

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WE don't need this, we have plenty of home grown idiots. In observance of social distancing, I will be ordering a custom Louisville Slugger in the 6 foot length.

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I read that the State department designated Russian Imperial Movement as a terrorist group. Wonder whether this fellow is a member, or would be member, of the same group?

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"The swastika was originally an Indian religious symbol"
-- several UHub regulars, I assume

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people being deliberately obtuse on that pesky connotation vs denotation thing.

The same crowd that says "What's wrong with calling them 'n---er', that's what they call each other, innit?"

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