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Another Green Line folly: Riders evacuated from trolley

The MBTA is blaming a "power problem" at Park Street for delays on the Green Line. Shortly before 8 a.m., Jed reported:

Just hit a big bump then saw sparks on the Green Line C Train. Track 2 disabled train.

At 8:25, he shows us how passengers got from the trolley to the station:


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But it is still warmer than the icebox stations and the frigid trains and buses on the system known as the T.

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What's the protocol for someone with accessibility issues when something like this happens? Just be stuck on the train until the next stop?

I've had to walk through green line tunnels due to disabled trains before and there were people taking turns helping a guy with crutches get to the platform. Ridiculous.

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How do you hit a bump in a tunnel on train tracks?

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for one.

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