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Another person under a Red Line train, this time at Davis Square

Bus shuttles starting up between Harvard and Alewife.

On Friday, a man was hit and killed by a Red Line train at Porter Square.

The person was eventually extricated and taken to a local hospital for treatment.

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Let's not have an outbreak of these, please.

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covid related stress ?

any demographic relation among the victims. hopefully not some sick internet challenge (alewife next ?).

any other cities report similar ?

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Is it Harvard, Davis, Porter? I rarely travel past Harvard

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its (alewife), davis, porter, harvard, ...

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Is that Harvard towards Boston?
It's been a really long time.

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will answer all your questions.

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You think I don't belong here @Ron Newman?
I was born here. Educated here and returned here after I served dude. I do the T.

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dude, calm down.

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You can't blame covid for a jerk who decides to jump in front of a train during rush hour on a Friday. That's not just suicide. That's spite.

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You really think someone who is in enough pain that he would throw himself in front of a train is calculating maximum inconvenience for commuters? I hope no one in your family or close circle ever suffers mental health problems.

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Are you honestly so self-centered that you think someone killed himself to inconvenience others?

You're seriously damaged goods.

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Just a reminder there is help if you are having suicidal ideation. People care and can help if you reach out.


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The Massachusetts Association for Mental Health (MAMH) projects that the recession we have entered because of COVID-19 social distancing efforts will increase “deaths of despair” (deaths from suicide and overdose) between 12 and 60 percent in Massachusetts.

Source: https://www.mamh.org/assets/files/Final_COVID-19-Deaths-of-Despair_MAMH-...

We have to accept what we cannot change, change what we can, know the difference, and work collaboratively towards solving some of the issues that many of us are facing, alone and socially distanced. The hard work will be how we can problem solve this, because we need to do so collaboratively and that's difficult given our current situation.

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