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Bald eagles on the rise in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife said the state has seen "a dramatic uptick" in new bald-eagle nests, including new nests in Medford and Concord, this year.

[Photos of one of the Medford eagles]

That brings the number of active eagle nests in Massachusetts to more than 70, the division says.

The number could have been even higher but for one battle between a pair of eagles and a pair of ospreys on Martha's Vineyard and two intra-eagle squabbles on the mainland:

An eagle pair took over an osprey nest and were incubating eggs when the ospreys returned from their wintering grounds. The osprey pair that most likely built the nest harassed the incubating eagle who would flip upside down with its talons in the air in defense. Eventually the eagle cracked the eggs doing this, and this historic nesting attempt failed. Two other eagle nests on the mainland have also failed as a result of an intruding eagle invading the territory and killing the chicks in the nest. Although difficult for observers to witness, these events are all signs of a thriving eagle population in Massachusetts.


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We do often forget that these are not "nice" birds! Just like sharks, tigers and others, just because they are on an endangered list doesn't make them cute and cuddly!

Although it would be nice if they would stop being such Masshole Eagles about it.

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(looking nervously around)

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Have you dealt with these turkeys? They are aggressive and mean. They make the bald eagles look like puppies

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pictures of bald eagles when they are first hatched.


Look at all the floof!

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the seagull supply around the Harbor. If you think the gulls covet your fries at Castle Island, these guys will make it really interesting.


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evil alien overlords.

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There was a picture of a dead bald eagle killed by a loon in the Bay of Maine that was pretty crazy.


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I think we need some brackets here, because swans are the most totally aggro of anything I've seen.

There's a mating pair on the Mystic River, locally known as Albert and Victoria. Victoria sits on her giant throne making babies. Albert attacks any and all boats passing by! In 2019, he took on the whole Herring Run Paddle Race, and knocked two SUP off their boards right in front of me. Coming back down river the SUP would wait and run with a kayak or canoe between them and Albert.

This year, he has been attacking families in canoes.

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