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Baroque concerts at Jordan Hall scheduled for this month and next postponed or cancelled

With Jordan Hall closed to the public because of cornavirus concerns, Boston Baroque reports it's postponing its March performances of Vivaldi’s "The Four Seasons" and "Gloria" to a to-be-determined later date and cancelling it April performances of Handel's "Ariodante."

In a statement, Boston Baroque Executive Director Jennifer Ritvo Hughes said:

In light of New England Conservatory's decision to close its campus to the public, and as the Governor of Massachusetts has declared a state of emergency throughout the Commonwealth, we feel this is the most prudent path forward, given the uncertain situation at hand and the limited options available to us. That said, the arts play an important role in times of challenge, and it is my hope that Boston Baroque - through our recordings and videos - will continue to be a source of inspiration and joy throughout the coming weeks and months, albeit in a different medium.

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At TD Garden? They've been unusually quiet there...

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Billie EiBreath (sorry)

They just cancelled all shows at Harvard's Sanders Theater until April 30th. Not saying it's a sure thing, but I'd reckon its certainly a maybe. That said, they'll very likely refund your tix if they go for cancellation.

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My thinking too but they're moving ahead with high school basketball championships there which makes no sense...

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because Longy today closed its campus to the public.

The concerts had been scheduled for next weekend, March 20-22.

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...other groups like Odyssey Opera will be effected too. If the big shoe drops and the BSO decides to close Symphony Hall, that will take out Handel & Haydn and the Celebrity Series as well

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