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Beacon Hill bar fined - again - for not paying workers on time

The Massachusetts Attorney General's office reports fining the Red Hat, 9 Bowdoin St. $79,790 for "violating the state’s wage and hour and earned sick time laws."

The money includes both penalties and restitution for 15 workers.

As part of the investigation, the AG’s Office issued demands to the employer asking for payroll and time keeping records to which the business failed to fully respond. The investigation revealed that employees were regularly underpaid, paid late, or not paid for all the hours that they worked.

The bar was cited for similar offenses in September, 2019. In January, it was cited for failing to provide records to the state.




Sounds like they are suffering.

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So if they go under they'd join the long list of historic locations to close within the past year.

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Institutions they should be abusing the hard working class. Close it forever and these workers I’m sure will be able to get a better employer int the future. These owners should somehow be put on a list of some sort and be investigated for any other businesses that they might have.

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is historic.

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Workforce that kept it going is gone. Like so many other places. Adam can you find us some happy news/photos? I need to laugh. Laughter is healthy.

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Sounds like a hefty fine for an already suffering economy. That’s a low blow to hand them a fine like that.

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The first time they were nabbed for this was last fall, when Covid-19 was Not a Thing.

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Guess I should have read the report before commenting!

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What’s lower then an employer stiffing workers on earned wages multiple times?

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just because they - *checks notes* - don't pay their workers?

Why, in this economy, those workers should be thankful to have jobs where they even get a promise of getting paid!

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It's a particular cruelty to steal from your workers in an already suffering economy. No sympathy.

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Our laws need to take wage theft more seriously. How much time would one of those workers face if they took $100 from the till?

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Do these fines go to make the workers whole? Will the pond scum management who thought it was okay to rip off their workers really just get away with paying this fine? Paying someone late, or not at all, could cause really serious problems in their life. Employers who do this should be liable for all the damage their actions cause.

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Maybe they should close and reopen as Ubuntu?

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People charged with embezzlement can go to jail. The should be an option with wage theft, especially for repeat offenders. It would be a real deterrent. Unpaid wages, stolen tips and ignoring overtime regs are endemic to the hospitality business.

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