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Bespectacled Camberville bank robber strikes again

Wanted for Somerville bank robbery

The FBI's Violent Crime Task Force has posted photos of the guy they say robbed the East Cambridge Savings Bank branch at 285 Highland Ave. in Somerville on Monday.

Police say the man gave a teller a demand note, then fled with cash.

Over the past five weeks, several banks have been held up in Cambridge and Somerville by a man with a similar description: White, with a slight build and wearing glasses.

If he looks familiar, contact Det. John Oliveira at 617-799-9138.


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From the Cambridge Savings Bank website:

"Effective Monday, November 30th and until further notice, all CSB branch lobbies will be open for in-branch appointments only."

If they won't let me in, as a customer, to make a deposit, how did they let this guy in to make a "withdrawal"?

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This happened at East Cambridge Savings Bank.

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This is a branch of EAST Cambridge Savings Bank, not CSB.

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*not* Cambridge Savings Bank. These are two entirely different banks. This is a branch of ECSB.

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... put on a few pounds since starting the new career.

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