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Black jogger who was stopped by ICE last week had more company during a run this afternoon

Apreala running through Holy Name rotary

Apreala (in blue) coming into Holy Name rotary.

Bena Apreala, who was stopped by three ICE agents on VFW Parkway in West Roxbury last Tuesday, ran up and down West Roxbury Parkway today, accompanied by Black Lives Matter supporters, including two passes around the Holy Name rotary, where they were cheered by participants in the now weekly Monday BLM vigil.

As he came into the rotary for the second time, Apreala stopped and posed with supporters:

BLM supporters in West Roxbury

West Roxbury and Roslindale residents have been holding a vigil at the rotary every Monday afternoon since early June.

BLM supporters in West Roxbury

The afternoon run was Apreala's second of the day. Earlier, he'd gone running with City Councilor Matt O'Malley (West Roxbury, Jamaica Plain).




You could not help but laugh at the Ice Cream Councillor and his useless ass grinning like an idiot in his blatant photo op with the jogger.

“I’m with you...er...brother!!!”

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There is no doubt that O'Malley sees an opportunity for shining his own star, but it is still a different world that running with a black man is seen as a good thing. It might be blase in Boston, but there are too many politicians in power in the US would not do this.

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Says the man who can't run.

City officials need to go out and take a stand to support their constituents. This isn't some sort of high school tribal bullshit clique nonsense for people who never grew up. (eww ... he's eating at the nerd table ewww he's hanging out with those people ewww cooties)

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O’Malley does not give two shits about this man or what happened to him. He’s nothing more than another one of Walsh’s opportunistic yes men who seeks to continually impress the JP hipsters and the Trump supporters who keep voting him back in.

Good to see your couch based political acumen still remains sharp.

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Do you live in the 6th district? Have you sought and received support from him for ordinances or issues that have passed that you have supported? There is no evidence that he doesn't care about this case. He is my councilor and we don't agree on everything but I have found he and his staff to be responsive. He does believe in his district representation.

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and frankly, I've found him to be a lot like Baker (and not in a good way). Quick to respond to the easy stuff, but for anything that has the slightest tinge of controversy, wait 48-72 hours for him to figure out which way the wind's blowing before he comes out with a milquetoast stance on it.

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I'm saying you can't - or don't - run for office.

Put it where your tweeter is.

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Given the context, I'm not sure this counts as a save, Swirls. Maybe take the L and apologize for the unfortunate misunderstanding rather than doubling down on this one.

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to be there for the vigil and see all these wonderful BLM supporters running in support of Bena and black people.

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