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Black Lives Matter protesters now into fourth month of Monday vigils at Holy Name rotary in West Roxbury

Woman with Love and Justice banner

As they've done every Monday since June 1, West Roxbury and Roslindale residents stood around the Holy Name rotary in West Roxbury with signs to remind rush-hour motorists that Black Lives Matter.

Family for Black Lives Matter
Woman for Black Lives Matter


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Are they implying people (white people) are racist and hate people because of their skin color?

Condescension pisses off everybody and achieves nothing but anger and contempt.


I'm possibly going to make a mistake here and assume you're familiar with that particular rotary. If so, then think about what might be there that would make it a significant place for a vigil about Black people dying at the hands of police even aside from the fact it's a major crossroads. Hint: It has nothing to do with white people in general, the church, the school or the 7-Eleven.

But if you don't know that rotary at all, please let me know and I'll spell it out for you.


It's definitely the dentist office in the rotary.


Because it’s the people of West Roxbury attending ... should we be gathering outside of our neighborhood?


But I get why people are contemptuous of you.

ANYway, by the bye... I grew up in Westie and for many years there was a graffito on the side of the building that now houses Los Amigos and the Thai joint that said “RESIST”. It was fading away as I was growing up in the ‘90s. “Resist,” as in “Resist busing.” Maybe some old-timers will remember.


There was also a resist spray painted somewhere down by McGraw tunnel.

I always assumed it was a Vietnam war thing

If you really want to know why they are there, you could, you know, go ask them. It might be a long hike from Moscow though.


And why Arlington Center, and why Waverly Square, and why Anywhere else that people gather? People are protesting in their own neighborhoods.

They're not "implying" that white people are racist because of their skin color: they're observing that many white people are racist, because we've been taught to be, by parents and schools and news media and politicians.

Do you mean to imply that, because of our skin color, white people can't do better than to be racist? Anti-racism isn't easy, but it's important. When your, or anyone's, reaction to people saying that Black lives matter is to treat that it as a personal attack, it sure sounds like you think Black lives don't matter. How would it harm you, or anyone, to acknowledge that everyone, Black as well as white, should be able to go to sleep in their own beds, behind the locked doors of their apartments, and not shot dead by cops who didn't even bother to check they were in the right apartment?


Farting into the wind with just so stories and "I'm just asking a question ..." nonsense.

Admit it: you simply do not want to be bothered to think about racism since you aren't personally impacted by it, even though (or especially because) you gain unearned advantages from it.

Here's some logic that is probably beyond you: if the majority in a society are maintaining systems that marginalize the minority, how in the ever loving fuck is protesting where the marginalized live going to solve anything?


There’s a weekly rally at Ashmont, what does that mean?

Ashmont is a rather mixed area.

In Jamaica Plain is also host to a similar vigil. I think it is on Friday nights, but I can't remember (sorry).

God bless America along with FREE speech ! It’s what makes USA a great country.