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Body found in Stony Brook Reservation swamp identified as that of Dorchester woman missing since January


Boston Police have identified the body found near Turtle Pond in Stony Brook Reservation on Saturday as that of Alenny Matos, 38, of Dorchester.

Matos had been missing since 7:30 p.m. on Jan. 25, when she was last seen leaving 79 Spencer St. for 21 Bullard St., about a mile away. She never made it.

Police say an autopsy of the badly decomposed body has yet to reveal a cause of death. Anyone with information about Matos's whereabouts after she left Spencer Street can contact homicide detectives at 617-343-4470 or the anonymous tip line by calling 800-494-TIPS or by texting TIP to CRIME (27463).



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Hopefully the coward who killed her will be caught before he strikes again.


So so sad.


...the top story is a work of serial fiction, like this is 1850 or something. Sad to say but if this was someone who looked like Amy Lord, this would be above the fold news. I still value the Globe and support it but it's so predictably disappointing about this kind of thing.

Hope BPD gets this guy soon.


Season 5 haven't you?

Let's face it, the Boston Globe is not an urban newspaper. They cater to the suburbs and promote residential condos on top of malls in Natick.

Hope BPD gets this guy soon.

I'm guessing it wasn't an accident, but it's still unclear that there was a guy.

but also I'll bet $1000 that this was done by a man, especially given the transportation of the body from Roxbury to HP.

May her loved ones find peace at this time.

Was this on the news at all in January? It's the first time I hear about this story.

But BPD posted something in February about her being missing and the Globe wrote about that, but then, nothing until yesterday (I didn't write about her in February, I admit).