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Like Boston, Brookline teaming up with MGH for some random coronavirus antibody testing

Brookline officials announced today that the town will select 400 random residents to test for antibodies to Covid-19, to help gauge just how far the virus has spread through the town.

Working with both Massachusetts General Hospital and Fallon Ambulance service, the town will also test 200 first responders and other "essential" workers, Town Administrator Mel Kleckner and Director of Public Health Dr. Swannie Jett said.

Residents picked for the testing, which involves taking a small amount of blood through a finger prick, will be notified by mail. The testing is meant for residents who have not developed any Covid-19 symptoms

First responders and related workers will be tested on May 11; other residents picked at random will be tested on May 15 at Larz Anderson Park.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said today that Mass. General's testing of 1,000 Boston residents - who also got tested for active infection via a nose swab - should be completed this week, with results released next week.




How random a trial is it really if it requires an automobile to get a test? Not only are loads of older adults non-drivers, so too are some folks with different abilities, as well as a whole host of folks who live in Brookline and simply don't own a car...

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Take a cab for Christ’s sake or an Uber. Dm me I’ll give you a damn ride.

Maybe this thing is getting to me but is sure does seem that everyone loves to complain about everything these days.

Holy Fuck.

(Sorry rant over)

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If you think you might be infected, you should get into a cab or an Uber and possibly infect the driver?

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First I believe these are random tests for antibodies. If you think you have Covid, this isn't the test site for you. Call your doctor and get tested somewhere else.

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It's not a random trial if you're filtering out the people who are (a) without a car and (b) risk averse.

Look, lots of people don't own a car because they don't have the expendable income/wealth. Think they've got $40 for a round trip to Larz? Hint: they don't.

The trial is excluding those who are lower income. Those folks have a different risk profile for catching COVID than the rest of the population.

It's a bias in the trial, and it's totally unnecessary. Do the trial in the Centre Street Parking Lot for Pete's sake.

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They might be willing to go to the houses of people who can't make it there. (At least, I hope so.)

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Always let perfect be the enemy of the good

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