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Brattle and Coolidge Corner theatres closing, but will continue to pay workers

The Brattle is closing through April 2 and the Coolidge Corner through April 3.

The Brattle says:

We are working on some creative solutions for how to keep you engaged with cinema and The Brattle during these difficult times but right now all of our efforts are focused on keeping our staff and customers safe. We also want you to know that our part-time staff, many of whom rely on The Brattle to make ends meet, will still receive their hourly pay for all shifts they miss during this period.

So they wouldn't look askance at donations.

The Coolidge Corner says:

During this temporary closure, Coolidge Corner Theatre employees, including hourly employees whose schedules will be affected, will continue to receive full pay. The Coolidge will still be accepting memberships and financial contributions, though please be aware that that delivery of membership cards may be delayed due to the circumstances. Public support is especially appreciated during this time and will help the Coolidge to reopen with minimal disruption as soon as it is acceptable to do so.



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for continuing to pay your hourly workers.

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