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Brookline formally warns of potential teacher, staff layoffs as funding decreases - but hopes to rehire them by September

Brookline school officials announced today they have sent layoff notices to an unspecified number of teachers and staffers in an attempt to patch a $6.3-million hole in its budget for the fiscal year that starts July 1 - but that it is still looking at ways to bring the workers back in time for the start of school this fall.

In notice to the "school community," School Committee Chair Julie Schreiner-Oldham and Vice-Chair Suzanne Federspiel said they would provide more details at a School Committee meeting on June 4. They did not specify a number, but WBUR reports 300 teachers and other staffers are getting the notices today.

We are aggressively seeking additional funds from all levels of government including state and federal funds. We are vigorously advocating to the Town of Brookline to increase the allocation that we receive from Town revenues.

The Brookline School Committee looks forward to having productive conversations with the unions representing our administrators, faculty, and staff about ways that we can partner together to decrease the impact of budget cuts on our staff. The Committee is committed to maintaining as many of our employees to the greatest extent possible.The accelerated pace of this process has created challenges. We are saddened and disappointed at finding our district in this situation, and we are doing all we can to bring the district through a difficult time.

In their e-mail, Schreiner-Oldham and Federspiel addressed several rumors going around town: They said the Brookline Early Education Program and music, arts, library, health and world-language programs have not been eliminated. Also: "The PSB will continue to meet its obligations to our students with special education needs and our English language learners."

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One of the few municipalities that realize there is a fiscal crisis is about to explode.

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