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Brookline furloughs more employees, mainly part timers

Brookline Town Administrator Mel Kleckner announced today the town has furloughed 95 more employees, bringing the total out of a job since the coronavirus crisis started in March to 196.

The furloughs impact mainly part-time employees across multiple departments whose facilities, services or programs have been curtailed by COVID-19, including some that are funded through participation fees. Part-time staff from the Public Library, the Police Department’s full-time parking enforcement and part-time school crossing guard personnel, as well as Recreation Department program staff were affected by the most recent furloughs.

In most cases, the employees affected by the most recent round of furloughs had not been able to work since early this spring due to the pandemic’s impact on the roles they fulfill. However, the town had continued to pay those employees up until their furloughs became effective this month.

The town says the workers are guaranteed their jobs back should things ever improve. Furloughed employees enrolled in the town health-insurance program can remain enrolled, with the town continuing to pay its share. Some of the employees were offered jobs in other town departments, Kleckner added.

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The furloughs are tough medicine but in the long run the town will be in good shapes while other cities and towns will be bankrupt within a year.

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The ZBA will be back in business soon, online, and without allowing any real opportunity to oppose, will get right back monkey business. We gotta keep building so we keep that tax base growing. With 8,000 people on the payroll over $100K, the cash cow must be fed.

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