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Brookline mails wrong party ballots to some primary voters

Brookline Town Administrator Mel Kleckner reported tonight that at least 30 Brookline voters got the wrong ballots mailed to them for the Sept. 1 primary.

After first becoming aware of the issue yesterday, the Town Clerk's Office engaged the Elections Division of the Office of the Secretary of State to report the error and will work closely with that office to review how it occurred. Staff have already been re-trained and procedures have been modified to ensure that correct ballots are mailed out going forward. Approximately 7,000 ballots have been mailed to voters to date.

Brookline voters who requested mail-in ballots are strongly urged to check and ensure they've received the primary ballot for the party they requested. The party ballot requested is indicated by an "R" for Republican, "D" for Democrat, "G" for Green or "I" for Independent on the mailing label in the lower right hand corner of the envelope containing the ballot.

Kleckner said the voters who got the wrong ballots have since been mailed correct ballots.

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Is there some sort of ID number on the ballots, so they can exclude the extra ones if they somehow get mailed in?

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This could be simplified by following the lead of other states and having everything on the same ballot. You pick your party at the top and then pick your candidates. If you pick candidates outside your party you void your ballot.

It asks the voter to pay a little more attention but greatly simplifies administration.

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Why can’t I vote for whomever I want to regardless of party affiliation?

Seems undemocratic.

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of having separate party ballots for primary elections. I've said this before, and it bears repeating: There is NO legitimate reason not to have open primaries where ALL candidates are on a single ballot.

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"Voter fraud! Cancel the election!"

- every Republican right now, I'm guessing.

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I don't know if this was the case here, but I remember that in the last primary I voted in Boston, the Republican ballots were blue and the Democratic ones were red. That sure was confusing, including for the poll workers.

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Going from almost entirely in person voting to almost entirely mail voting is easy. I disagree. I see why 2020 elections will happen as they will be, but people should not labor under the illusion that the logistics of mail voting are simple.

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He must have invented 'remote exploits' and will gather more votes this way.

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All they have to do is look to the states that have been doing this for decades to get how it is done and how to avoid these disasters.

It isn't rocket surgery.

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States that have been doing this for years have had time to prepare for this.

It’s not rocket surgery. It’s changing a tire on the side of the highway when you’ve never done it before.

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