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Bunker Hill Day parade cancelled

There will be no Bunker Hill Day parade in Charlestown this year. The event had been scheduled for Sunday, June 14.



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I thik it's time to just accept that 2020 is cancelled; I don't know who is helped by pulling everything away from us one thing at a time

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are July 3-4 at the Hatch Shell, and the Tanglewood season.

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You are right... I organize my city's pride flag raising in early June and I pulled the plug a while back but still hope to do a raising that's streamed online . Depending on how many people can be in one spot it may just be a DPW guy hauling it up with me filming at a distance or maybe a few of us if it loosens up a bit.

People have to adapt.

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As of today, their production of The Tempest is still scheduled for July 22-Aug 9:

We are closely working with the City of Boston on our planning to ensure safety of our Company and audience.


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If Boston and the parks department can figure out how to keep people distanced I think an outdoor event like this is perfect for the place we should be in around early August. Outdoor, well ventilated, people allowed to streach out... I would actually be curious to see if City Hall Plaza could also be used to take some indoor performances and move them outside too.

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At some point some events won't be cancelled. Even if you think this will last through Decenber, what about 2021?

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