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Burst pipe shuts Roslindale Community Center, RMV

Updated, 5 p.m.: The Roslindale Community Center School Council reports the building will be shut "indefinitely." The RMV urges people to make their way to other registry branches, such as the Haymarket and Watertown ones.

A pipe burst sometime overnight on the top floor of the Roslindale Community Center in Roslindale Square, flooding parts of the building, so both the community center and the Registry office in it are shut.

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I am affiliated with the childcare programs in the building. A burst water pipe in the overnight hours has resulted in substantial water damage throughout the building on all floors. As if this post, the building is closed until further notice. This includes the community center and all of its programs and the RMV.

It will be a few days before there is any assessment on when the building will re-open.

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I was a happy customer of the childcare services back in the day - a great resource for the community.

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