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A capital beset by protesters, its leader holed up in a bunker

J.L. Bell reports on Boston in the fall of 1747.



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Today's protestors are tomorrow's leaders.

And unlike the 60's, these protestors are far more racially diverse, organized, and knowledgable than their predecessors. And that's exactly why we've seen such a heavy handed reaction from Trümp and the GOP.


Times are changing, the old guard is dying, and the kids are taking over.

Ben Franklin called the Tea Party something along the lines of a "great injustice" to private property and that the colonies should pay back the losses.

John Adams told him to politely go %$#@ himself.

Time will tell the stories and lives that emerge from these protests but the Union will remain.

It's up to us NOW to decide if that Union is for Liberty or Christo-Fascism.

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This wasn't a minor thing - the labor of older adolescents and young adults was of high value to their families in colonial times.

Young women tended younger siblings, performed household chores, and contributed to any number of business and cottage industry ventures. That's why they didn't tend to marry until they were in their early 20s. Young men hired out and contributed their income, served as workers and apprentices, contributed to the work of family businesses, and did the lions share of physical labor.

Grabbing a young person could cause substantial financial hardship to a colonial family. It would also interfere with the ability of those young men to set themselves up for future life if conscription prevented saving for marriage and future business ventures or completing an apprenticeship.

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