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Chelsea Soldier's Home reports coronavirus cases, one death

WBUR reports on the cases at the Chelsea facility, like the one in Holyoke, a state-run home for veterans.

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The situation in Holyoke is very different then the situation in Chelsea. Holyoke had an attempt to cover things up and they did not act to protect their residents.

Chelsea is a very different case, especially since they brought Poppe in. She still has to deal with the old buildings and infrastructure but she has really brought that place to as close as perfect as you can get considering the age. I am not shocked they brought her to Holyoke to help get the ship in order.

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Interesting comment on one of the articles about the Holyoke Soldier's Home deaths. What a mess:

> Former employee
> Unfortunately, this situation may have been prevented, or at least mitigated if the Superintendent had been removed previously for mismanagement and misconduct. Bennett Walsh was hired in 2016 without any health care experience whatsoever against the better judgement of some members of the Board of Trustees and the Superintendent of the Chelsea Soldiers' Home who was Acting Superintendent at the time. He was a career Marine Corps Officer whose mother (long-time Springfield City Councilor Kateri Walsh) used her political influence to get him a retirement gig for which he was totally unqualified. After several inappropriate and unprofessional actions on his part, for which he was (and is) being investigated, as well as a vote of no confidence from employee unions and the resignation of almost the entire leadership team, he was allowed to continue in his position likely because of his political connections. I am truly sorry for all the veterans and their families who have suffered because of this situation. I hope the powers that be in Boston will finally get rid of this "clown" before he does any more harm.


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