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Chinatown could get another bubble-tea place

Tsaocaa Tea, a chain of bubble-tea places, wants to open an outlet at 10 Tyler St. in Chinatown.

At a Boston Licensing Board hearing this morning, aides to Mayor Walsh and City Councilor Ed Flynn (Chinatown, South Boston, South End, downtown) did not oppose the proposal but asked the board to defer any action until after chain representatives meet with neighbors later this month.

Kneeland Street to get a matcha ice cream and boba tea place.



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That's...literally right next to another boba place (TeaDo). Seems pretty absurd, but hey...it's a free world.

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That TeaDo is literally overflowing with people at peak hours, so it seems like there's still excess demand for bubble tea in Chinatown despite there being like 50 places to get it on every block.

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