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Chinese developer pumps $115 million into local coronavirus research

Science reports that a Chinese development company is giving a consortium of Boston-area researchers $115 million to investigate Covid-19 and figure out how to fight it.

Some 80 scientists from Harvard Medical School, the Broad Institute, Massachusetts General and Moderna - which was already working on a possible vaccine - met at Harvard Medical School today and will collaborate on the research.

The company, the Evergrande Group, has previously funded local research; in fact, one of the leaders of the new effort is Arlene Sharpe, co-director of the Evergrande Center for Immunologic Diseases at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.





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Not big on conspiracy theories but did they ever tell us what the Chinese students were trying to smuggle out of the country a few months before this whole coronavirus thing

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And he was a cancer researcher who allegedly wanted to be lead author on a scientific paper, so I'd go with cell samples related to cancer research.

There were two other arrests, but neither had direct connection to biology - one was an alleged cyber security spy, the other was a Harvard nanotechnology professor charged with hiding his connections to a Chinese university.

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Do we know all 18 of those cases were Chinese students? No.

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