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Citizen complaint of the day: All these crap mailings from New Hampshire

Bad mailings

Angry citizens are filing 311 complaints (like this one) about the fireworks mailings they're now getting from a New Hampshire fireworks dealer in this, the Year of the Fireworks, even though the offerings are, you know, technically illegal here.

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Massachusetts is lousy with fireworks this year. Thank dog we aren't having a drought!

Time to form a posse for a cross border raid? We can call ourselves the Good, the Bad, and the Sleep-deprived.


I had mentioned in a previous thread that I read about similar issues in my home region. Having spent the last week between my parents' and in-laws' in 2 different Upstate NY cities, I can confirm it's an issue here too. It's also in the news in NYC, Hartford, Baltimore, and Bakersfield; and family in Atlanta and Dallas have mentioned it in recent weeks.

The Summer of George Fireworks!


Not that I encourage anyone to buy or use fireworks (I like my fingers) but it's not hard to understand their appeal. Fireworks are cheap fun and easy to find.

Most other forms of entertainment are closed, people can't travel far, and money is tight. So fireworks become default fun for a noisy group of people. Add to the fact it's pretty hard for the police to catch and stop people from using them.

Get used to them. They aren't going away after the 4th of July. The people using them don't care if they annoy their neighbors.


I'm woken up at 7am and then live through 11+ hours of construction noise daily, courtesy of the 37 unit monstrosity going up 20 feet from my back porch (which, before I left town was completely covered in sawdust).

Fire hazards aside, I'd gladly take the fireworks if I had a choice.


False dichotomy. What does one have to do with the other?

“Money is tight”? Then why are people blowing money on fireworks? I honestly can’t think of something dumber to spend money on. The IQ on these people must be shockingly low yet they are handling explosives!




Fireworks are cheap fun

They're only fun for morons.

The people using them don't care if they annoy their neighbors.

Nonsense; they like to annoy their neighbors, that's part of their "fun". The asshole who keeps blowing up bombs somewhere outside my bedroom around 3 am could just as easily do it at 8 pm, but he knows he'll be more of a pest in the middle of the night. Heavily sleep deprived, I once yelled "You're an asshole" out the window and he laughed and yelled back "yeah, I am!" Big joke, lottsa fun.

Calling 311 and 911 (both of which I've tried) do nothing, of course.

Thank dog we aren't having a drought!

We're getting there.

Latest drought map will be updated tomorrow (happens every Thursday).


Stop mailings?
I think people use 311 to vent as well as for legitimate reasons.
The Ocean water is colder than usual this year...fix it 311


Here's a fireworks complaint from 2 years ago. Still listed as "open"


Is Fireworks in the City.
They were cool when you're a teen and annoying when you have teens of your own.
I won't be a "Karen" though....lol.

Double post...sorry.

I don't know if anything can be done about mailings suborning purchase of fireworks which are illegal in this state, but if it can it's the AG's office which can do it, not 311. That's who concerned citizens should call.


Is there any disclaimer language in tiny print at the bottom of the flyer? "consult your local ordinances" and such...

Are those adverts being included in Globe Direct mailings?


I was in Seabrook NH yesterday. While the wife shopped, I killed time by driving to Phantom Fireworks and seeing how many cars were from Massachusetts. They all were.

Phantom Fireworks I believe is were the Tsarnaev brothers bought the gunpowder for the marathon bombings.


Tsarnaev asked the clerk behind the counter for help in choosing the largest fireworks available and selected the “Lock and Load” reloadable mortar unit on her suggestion, Weimer said. Tsarnaev paid $200 cash for one box containing 24 mortar shells and received a second box free under a store promotion, he said


Based on what I'm hearing these days in Dorchester, I think the "largest available" is a popular option for Massholes.


They keep emailing me offers to buy a $40 coupon that can be used for $130 worth of fireworks at that Phantom store in Seabrook.