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Citizen complaint of the day: Is everything OK at the Union Oyster House? One of their letters is dark

A fretful citizen files a 311 complaint about the view tonight:

The "T" on the Union Oyster House sign is not lit up. We can't see it from the Nor h End.

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Why not, I don’t know, contact the restaurant?


How many complaints does 311 get about vomit and feces on sidewalks? Does a special unit have to handle that? Please no sarcastic comments.

So many “concerned “ citizens patrolling around looking for things to send to the Bos311 app. If you see a stray piece of paper or empty water bottle why not just pick it up and then throw it away when you’re at home or at the next trash barrel you go by. It’s easier for you and your City than your time spent typing your complaint and waiting so anxiously for the city to respond. If we all pitch in and help out with the issues that we can solve without city personnel being involved we will all have a better place to live and work. Dig in and help each other out.


This reminds me of the time I grabbed a rag and started cleaning up a milk spill before an old lady pushed her cart through it when I worked at the grocery as a teenager. Suddenly three employees swooped in. “Uh-uh-uh!” one wagged their finger while the others blocked the spill. “Union rules! You do union work you’re taking someone’s union job!” Someone nowhere to be seen. In all seriousness every time I’ve notified 311 of a cleanup (dead animals, broken gas light dome, things I wouldn’t feel comfortable with) those guys were on the case in minutes, like they were just waiting for the next report to zoom over to take care of!

Pick up, they’ve been forced out of business.

Or simply didn't make the cut when people know how shitty they are to their customers and employees?

For your own entertainment, take a look at the things that are being reported. Many are legit and some are just over the top with respect to how far some people will go to complain. And... let's not forget the periodic posting that complains about city, state, or federal laws or policy which has no place there at all.

Of course there are the ones that fall into the system that do not violate any city ordnance or that the city has no control over. That gets explained and then the same people complain over and over again just because they didn't like the answer.

I think the best series I read was the ones about the space savers tying up parking spaces along multiple homes for days on end. So I called someone in the neighborhood i know and asked them about it. They actually went out and there were no space savers to be found. Yet many more similar complaints were filed after that. The person filing the 311 complaints were either screwing with the 311 people or were trying to screw with the people that lived on that street, maybe expecting a city worker or cop to ring doorbells. The poster even threatened physical violence. The 311 system eventually pulled a decent dozen or more of them after that. Hopefully they found out who was filing the complaints and told them to knock it off for tying up city resources. The system is broken. Here ya go.


I used to look for the ROY L SONESTA sign every day.


Loved that show.


It's the R that's supposed to be off.


If you remember when the giant red S blew out of the SHELL sign at the gas station on Memorial Drive in Cambridge.


A furloughed busboy threw the t in the harbor.


that someone is selling the T as we speak over in the South End


Symbolic of our public transit system.




Often thrives on darkened letters.

Reminds me of the annoying and use of the word "nor'easter" by weather people whenever there is a storm. Who says "nor'easter" in real life? Nobody goes to "Nor'eastern" University. I may be getting old, but I seem to recall when I was young it the 60s and 70s they didn't say "nor'easter" to describe snowstorms. They left it back in the 1800s where it belongs.