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Citizen complaint of the day: Killer intersection in the Back Bay

Crashed car at Beacon and Berkeley streets in the Back Bay

A concerned citizen filed a 311 complaint over what appears to be a crash early on New Year's Day at the intersection of Beacon and Berkeley streets:

Another major accident from someone running the red light at Beacon and Berkeley Streets. What you don't see is the Hopscotch chalk under the car. The accident would have likely killed anyone on the sidewalk. We need a 1-2 second delay between the red and green lights. Currently, there is no delay for both lights. Does another pedestrian have to be killed on the sidewalk for the city to change the timing between the lights?




The real problem is drivers breaking the law. Running a red light is against the law but in Boston has become as common as a Dunks.

The police have totally failed to enforce basic moving violations in this city for years. With the increase in congestion in 2019, we are reaping the rewards. Intersection cameras and automated enforcement is the only way to make our streets safe again.

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it wont help. as a species and culture were too easily distracted. especially in this day and age where nearly everything you encounter has been designed to distract, distort, and keep you hooked

until humans are removed from the equation or we ban cars and trucks from large swaths of the city entirely will this get better

the technology meant to save us is losing to the tech meant to sell us junk we don't need

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I was crossing Washington St at Adams Park yesterday and had to wait, with a walk signal, for three cars to finish taking illegal right turns on the red light to cross the damn street.

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Does another pedestrian have to be killed on the sidewalk for the city to change the timing between the lights?

Optimistic to think that even a pedestrian being killed would be enough for the city to make any substantive changes (my guess would be adding a police officer to sit there for 2 weeks giving out verbal warnings).

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Why give out verbal warnings? The light is clearly red - in every country I've driven, that means "stop."

This happens all over the Back Bay at least - Comm Ave and Fairfield, Gloucester, Hereford have drivers pretty consistently running reds.

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The Federal standard requires a minimum 3 second all-red. If there's really no delay between the start of one street's red and the start of the other street's green, that's a major problem that needs to be fixed immediately.

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