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Citizen complaint of the day: Never mind coronavirus, kids shouldn't be playing basketball at the Sumner School at 3 in the morning

Sumner School basketball hoop

Two awoken citizens filed complaints early this morning about loud kids playing hoops at the Sumner School on Basile Street in Roslindale, and by morning they mean through at least 3:15 a.m.

One writes:

Groups were playing basketball yesterday and last night, technically this morning, at 2am. Please block the hoop metal rim for safety. The hoop in the back also needs more reinforcements.

Another adds:

Group of kids playing basketball at 2:15 AM this morning. Loud obnoxious and I believe trespassing. 911 was dispatched they drove down the street set off the siren kept going. Kids were there yelling screaming till at least 3:15 AM.



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used to be a recommended recreational activity.

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Oh well, in that case it's okay.

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That was just normalizing unhealthy behavior. Its one thing to say "give kids something to do, they are up anyway", but when you are playing full court til 2 in the morning you are up til dawn. It's not like your body can shut down and you go to sleep at 2:30. Everyone is up all night, that becomes the sleep rhythm and suddenly you can't figure out why Johnny is doing so poorly is school. Such a mystery. (I am not a boomer, shuddup.)

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