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Citizen complaint of the day: Never mind the moon, Roxbury coyotes now howl at sirens

A concerned citizen files a 311 report about the nighttime goings-on along Vale Street in Roxbury:

Coyote pack has set up shop. There's a pack of coyotes that hang out in the forested vacant lot on Vale St. You can see them prowling around in there, and every time sirens go off nearby they'll start howling. This is terrifying - please help!

Citizen complaint of the day: You always remember your first coyote.

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They aren’t werewolves.
If you can’t live with wildlife go live in a high rise.


The coyotes that is. Rats ate my car. Please send coyotes.


Rats ate my car, so I brought in coyotes. The coyotes ate my children, so I brought in a tiger. The tiger ate my wife, and now it's hungry again. Please advise.


Chinese needle snakes.


I'm over here with a wolf, a sheep, and a bag of grain, and I have to get all three across the Charles but I can only take one at a time with me on my bicycle!


may i borrow it?

of Porky Pig and Daffy Duck in Dime to Retire

There's a mouse in my room.
Brings up cat
The cat's on my bed
Brings in dog
The dog's keeping me awake
Brings in lion
The lion thinks I'm lunch
Brings in elephant
The elephant's crowding the room
Sends up mouse


I guess she'll die.

They could be peacocks.

I used to live near the Franklin Park Zoo.

Who filed a 311 report about the annoying seagulls looking for food handouts in the beach parking lot....or they are related. Uggg.

Looking on Google, it's chain link fenced in all the way around. Who owns that and why is it just sitting there vacant? If it's a city lot, they should either develop it or turn it into a park.

It's privately owned. The lots surrounding it are all city owned, though. But they aren't for sale (I've tried to purchase the one next to my house and the city won't sell).

.. nature preserve.
Development is not the answer to howling coyotes.

That was my point. If it could be a park that people could enjoy, then it has my approval. Right now, it's just a fenced-in property that isn't doing anything to make the neighborhood better.

Wasteland (not developed into parkland) IS wildlife preserve.
Some places should be wildlife only. People are filthy destructive animals.
And they tend to create non-productive parkland as wildlife habitat.


February is apparently eastern coyote breeding season. That’s what the yipping is about.

Ok I replied to the other coyote post and I do live on Vale Street. I didn't file this 311 which means one of my neighbors did which I find hilarious!

To be fair, we have a lot of small dogs on the street and in the neighborhood in general (I have three doggos myself) and when you're walking them in the evening and you see four coyotes all together a few yards away it actually is a little bit scary. One would be scary with a dog, but me walking three dogs with four coyotes nearby is alarming.

Anywho, practically, there's nothing that can be done about it. Coyotes have really adapted well to living in urban areas. I imagine they're probably feasting on the dozens of turkeys and feral cats in Fort Hill.

Maybe carry an airhorn? (it scares them away, but they might howl at it, too)

I live near the middlesex fells. We have gone from coyotes howling at the moon to coyotes howling at sirens to doggos yipping and howling like coyotes.

The neighbor's young children like to join in, too.

A big plus is that other neighbors no longer let their Jack Russell Terriorist off leash.


Coyotes "yip" when they find their next meal. First you may think its a dog, then you hear another and another...

It's an eerie sound. Enough so that I get the dog in the house when I hear them start.

I live on Marcella street which backs up to Vale. My wife and I have been wondering where that howling has been coming from! I’ve been living here since 2013 and in the past 7 years the increase of wildlife in these lots that I’d assume has been pushed from developments elsewhere is a little concerning. There’s dozens of turkeys, two nights ago I saw a possum that was the size of a baby hippo, the rabbits are quadrupling every second, skunks, rats, mice, all multiplying. Yesterday I actually saw a turkey blocking the entrance to the bertuccis on VFW parkway. Does the city have a plan for controlling the the wildlife they are pushing from their homes?

I’ve actually tried to buy the lot behind my house as well but the city isn’t selling. From what I understand about this larger lot is that there was a shoe factory, the soil is polluted, the city sold the lot to private holders that have some affiliation with the city so they didn’t have to deal with polluted land. I’m assuming those holders will eventually sell to a developer that’s willing to deal with the soil... never too many parks I’d you ask me :)

But has anyone seen any roadrunners riding the 44?!?!

First of all, I'm willing to be this person doesn't even own a small dog or even a cat as a pet. And small children, who knows. Be more afraid of the stabbings and gun violence than a coyote.

Year-over-year crime is down in Roxbury by 9% according to FBI uniform crime reports from 2018.