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Citizen complaint of the day: Snake's alive!

A snake in Jamaica Plain

A resident of Wyman Street in Jamaica Plain filed a 311 report about the snake in the front yard, although the report does not state if the resident is actually complaining or just posting an appreciation of its sleekness.

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It’s an eastern garter snake. They are extremely common in the area, and harmless if you aren’t a toad, salamander or worm.

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such as mice, worms, rats, etc. If and when a human gets bitten by a non-poisonous snake, it's no free lunch either, however, since a non-poisonous snake often injects bacteria into the area of the bite and promotes infection, or, in some people, an allergic reaction that can be dangerous.

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There is no room for nature in this city. I'd recommend a task force to deal with this problem. This is an abomination.

Jamaica Complain

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That's a lovely specimen of a garter snake, is what that is.

(Mostly they eat bugs, though.)

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Thanks, now to edit the original post to take out the reference to its non-rat-eating ways.

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Snakes in a plain

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get these motherfucking snakes out of the Plain?

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That was Southie where they drove out the snakes. But not this year, Padraig's parade got cancelled due to the virus.

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“By the grace of God, such a surfeit of adders and serpents upon this fair isle hath driven me to the edge of madness. Verily have I had my fill of them.”

(I know, Padraig didn’t speak that way; my language is about 500 years off. So complain to the authorities already.

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Thank God they don't have a Red Line.

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I seem to remember someone posting video of a snake ball in their shrubbery a few years back.


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I wish I saw more snakes and more species that I do.
I used to see a black rat snake now and then as a child.
I would support a repopulation program to keep the chipmunk population in check.

This (ignorance? possessiveness? destructive habits?) is why we can’t have nice things... like snakes! Venomous snakes excepted near homes and schools.

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Venomous snakes excepted near homes and schools.

Makes sense, but then people gotta not expand their homes and schools into the snakes' habitat.

Is that psycho still around, the one who was out to kill all the rattlesnakes in the Blue Hills?

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all the time. That's been going on forever. The same thing is true when people go hiking or camping in wild animal country. As more and more people either opt to move to live farther out into the woods and closer to nature, or just go hiking/camping in wild animal country, conflicts between wild animals and humans will continue to increase, and not just with snakes, either.

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