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At the close of Jamaica Plain's drive-up coronavirus test site today

Brookside workers salute Black Lives Matter in Jamaica Plain

PropCazhPM reports that workers at the Brookside Community Health Center's free Covid-19 drive-up/walk-up ended their final day outdoors on Washington Street in Jamaica Plain today by kneeling in support of Black Lives Matter.

The site had been open for six months, providing not only Covid-19 tests but voter registration and free food to people who needed it.

Brookside decided to close the site today because winter is coming, but says it's nowlooking for an indoor site to continue the work.




For months they have had long lines on the sidewalk around the block to get tested. This virus is a matter of life and death. Pretty sure people can stand outside for a bit in chilly weather to save lives. Don’t stop the testing.

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I know you're fond of those lol

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Good comment. Perfect example why we need more testing sites.

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Remember the testers are also standing out there in the cold. They have been wonderful people.

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One might argue that people who want to get tested "can stand outside for a bit in chilly weather to save lives" (although there's chilly weather and then there's bitterly cold weather, or freezing rain, or snow...) but it seems...kind of harsh, shall we say?...for you to be volunteering the healthcare staff to work outdoors all day in freezing weather.

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where they're planning on continuing testing, once they find an indoor location?

Also, are you volunteering to work outside all day in chilly weather to save lives, or just recommending that others do so?

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Where's the closest testing site?

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Brookside’s COVID testing operation, in partnership with B&W’s Hospital, has been an example of how you deliver excellent, community-based public health.

I was tested there twice. Did not need ID, health insurance, symptoms or cash. A name, phone # and desire to be tested
were enough. All were welcome and results came back within 24-48 hours.

They registered voters and gave away bags of pandemic supplies and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Well done!

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