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Those ads for a luxury-apartment building along the Commonwealth Avenue Mall are being washed off today

Mike Fedotowsky of Kensington Investment Co., which owns 28 Exeter St., apologizes for those stenciled chalk ads for the building that were sprayed on the Commonwealth Avenue Mall walkway yesterday, and says a crew is going up the mall today washing them away:

The 28 Exeter logos are chalk and will be removed today. We apologize for any disturbances. We were not away of the issue of using chalk on Comm Ave but we are now aware and it won’t be happening again.

Logos are having water dumped on them as we speak.


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If free advertising on the sidewalk was OK, everyone would be doing it.

Business people realize that.

Fine them triple whatever they could possibly from this.

How many units do they have available, and for how many months likely, and what are the rents.

That huge fine will pay for a lot of relief for ordinary people.

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This quarantine has shown me that everyone needs a mandatory MMJ license.

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Free (or at least cheap) press.

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