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Company that kept JP supplied in the early days of the pandemic wants to add residential units, restaurant

BMS Paper Supply says it wants to build 160 apartments and a restaurant on its two-acre site at 3390 Washington St. in Jamaica Plain.

In a letter of intent filed with the BPDA, BMS says it would stay on the site and continue to offer its commercial and retail customers a range of kitchen-related offerings. In March and April, when supermarkets and other stores ran out, BMS became the go-to place for residents in the know to pick up everything from toilet paper and masks to large bags of flour.

The restaurant would be a "moderately priced neighborhood style restaurant," the letter, by BMS's development project manager, Christopher Tracy, says, adding:

The Proposed Project represents a unique opportunity to create new housing while renovating and rejuvenating a community based business in the heart of JP.

The next step will be for BMS to file detailed plans with the BPDA, which, because of the project's size, will trigger a detailed review by the BPDA and an "impact advisory group" of local residents.

The company's current building is in a stretch of Washington Street, from Forest Hills to Egleston Square, that has seen a number of new residential buildings go up or be proposed in recent years - such as a proposal by the Pine Street Inn just down the street that has city approval but which is now the subject of a lawsuit by the landlord of the Turtle Swamp brewery across the street over parking.

3390 Washington St. letter of intent (530k PDF).

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Sounds good to me. There are few restaurants in this part of JP after Doyle’s, Drinking Fountain, The Gate and Bella Luna went out of business so I’m glad they want to open one.

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Let me tell you, I love that store. I support anything that will prevent it from leaving JP.

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Same. First went there during early days of friend opening a restaurant. After, went for years to get basics.

Since pandemic, they have changed the spice, rice and beans area to have fresh produce, dairy, pantry staples and groceries like a bodega. It's totally reconfigured.

Grateful they are responding to community needs since their restaurant customers have scaled back.

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Sounds reasonable...but anyone know if they have disinfectant wipes, can't find them anywhere?

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But I have to admit that the last time I needed them (well, thought I needed them), I found them at the Newton Wegmans.

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Yes they do sell disinfectant wipes!

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CVS at 467 Center St in JP has had plenty all week on a table in front of the store.

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Obviously, details matter, but people have been getting priced out of JP for at least a generation. The more housing exists in JP, the more people can live in that desirable neighborhood. And given its proximity to downtown, that's so many more people taking public transit (or biking), rather than commuting by car from Needham, Quincy, or Melrose.

We had 800,000 residents in 1950; we should expect at least that many my 2050. It'd be great if they have somewhere to live.

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How many parking spaces will this have? Not enough, I'm sure!

And will it fit in the character of the neighborhood? No!

Won't someone think of the children?

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